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Find the right psychedelic therapy provider, medicine, dose, and environment — all personalized for you

We hear you — 
big pharma isn't working

Mental health is important.

Let's destigmatize psychedelic therapy.

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Tell us a little about yourself. We’re good listeners, and we might have a recommendation that fits you!

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Get a personalized recommendation. Backed by science and curated for you.

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Track your progress using key biomarkers, and get alerted about changes and new opportunities

Psychedelic therapy, tailored for you

We'll help you create a treatment plan that best fits your symptoms, life, and
personal preferences. 

Palm Trees Beach View

Jamie's plan 


Jamie is trying to balance the demands of school, work, and a social life, and is feeling lost.

Psilocybin for severity*

Carribean for relaxation*

7-Day for immersion retreat*

Image by Francesca Zama
Mushrooms on Stages

Services available in over 30 states

If you're looking to be close to home or travel afar, cybil has you covered!

See where we heal



We’re with you

Once you have your plan, we’ll help you stick with it.

Track your progress and get new recommendations as your mental health changes, all in the cybil portal.

Say goodbye to poor mental health


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Why people love cybil

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Effective Treatment

We are on the mission to become the leader in alternative therapy. The war on drugs was misguided and poorly constructed. We are setting out to democratize access and education for these powerful compounds. We know that this is early and somewhat intimidating but we are confident in the science behind their clinical efficacy. Our intention is to disrupt big pharma and talk-therapy as we believe they are not adequately solving the core problem but rather providing temporary relief.

This is the anti-war on drugs, come with us!

Image by Brock Wegner

Better results

We firmly believe that by providing treatment providers with administrative tools, it will allow for them to develop world-class treatment programs. Our team has met with 100s of providers and compound makers so we can curate the most effective, transparent, and engaging programs as possible. We’re transparent about our relationship with providers and drug makers, because we list therapy programs that we believe in. And then we curate them for you to streamline healing.

The first marketplace for psychedelic therapy

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please note that psychedelic integration with me will never involve the sourcing or ingesting of illegal substances. This work is for people who have already had an experience that they are looking to integrate.

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