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Sammy's Experience

I decided to try ketamine therapy after discovering cybil from a friend! I was skeptical at first, because I had never done "virtual" ketamine treatment before. However, I was super happy with how easy they made the process. Another thing I really enjoyed is that they focused on matching me with a coach that became my guide and overall support-system to maximize my experience with ketamine! cybil, unlike others, ensures that the coach is there with you vs just sending you meds!

My Story

Since I was a child I suffered from a medical condition; however, it wasn't until recently with work-life stresses and other factors that I decided I needed something to further help my mental well-being. Traditional methods were basically useless for me -- and alternative and holistic methods were helpful, but I still needed something else to help me chemically. 

After researching tons of studies and reading articles and talking with others that have tried ketamine therapy, I decided I had to atleast given it a shot! Especially in a safe and responsible environment -- this was important for me. I wasn't expecting too much, but I was ready for a new experience, and my mental-health was needing it!

After signing up with cybil, I was promptly connected with the MD who was amazing and answered all my questions, so this helped put me at ease. After I was approved, I was matched with my coach which is a fantastic and necessary person during this experience (and made cybil vs others worth it)! She helped prep me for the experience, was available while I ingested the ketamine and then debriefed with me afterwards!

As for my experience: I went into the session prepared (I followed my coaches homework) and after about 15min, I started to feel the ketamine kick-in! Under the dark eye-mask and with the music playing in my headphones, I became extremely relaxed. I started to think deeply, but peacefully! I was confronted with some early childhood trauma thoughts -- but not in a negative way. I was at ease, and enjoyed it -- especially just as my first time doing it (with, remember, no expectations)!

After my experience: the next day I felt less-heavy, it definitely worked as designed for me -- my feelings of depression and anxiety were WAY lowered than it had been in the previous month. What I felt, and speaking with the coach, was most effective was during this time of more "clarity" I was more able to journal and do the tasks I had been bogged down on previously. I used the ketamine therapy to help energize me to accomplish what I had been missing. I decided to do 6 more ketamine sessions in just over 3 months and each time I felt I better understood how to leverage the therapy, which was designed (1) to make me feel better chemically but also (2) to give me the tools to live life without relying on drugs.

I hope this helps others, and ketamine may not be for everyone -- but it is for many like myself! I think what is most important is that you put in as much as you want to get out of it! Yes it will make you feel better, but for true change (for me) it was using the clarity to build upon my life!

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