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Mental Health Services: 5 Benefits of Booking With cybil

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to find and book (legal & clinical) psychedelic therapy today!

Psychedelic therapy is taking the mental health community by storm. Here at cybil, our goal is to help you find the right psychedelic therapy provider, medicine, dose, and environment all in the same place, personalized just for you. Versus booking directly with a provider, consider these advantages of using our mental health services to jumpstart your path to relief.

Lower Cost

Even for someone with the best insurance, going to the doctor and receiving treatment can be expensive. All medicine should be affordable and accessible, including mental health services. That’s why we prioritize affordable and competitive pricing on cybil.


Finding the right doctor takes time and energy. Oftentimes, patients may struggle to take off school or work, find a babysitter, are disabled, or are sometimes even too anxious to visit the doctor’s office. Whether it’s a psychedelic therapy provider, medicine, or retreat center – cybil is designed to find your match in minutes. That’s more time to spend with your family, cooking your favorite meal or binge watching your favorite Netflix shows.

Personalized Experience

We know that no two people and no two conditions are the same. Once you find your match and get started on your wellness journey, we will help you stick with it. Track your progress and get new recommendations as your mental health changes, all in the cybil portal.


We know that psychedelic therapy is early and somewhat intimidating, but we are confident in the science behind their clinical efficacy. We offer commitment-free consultations to help you with your options. Let us help you discover change, no strings attached.

Better Results

We firmly believe that by presenting psychedelic therapy providers with administrative tools, it will allow them to develop world-class treatment programs. Our team has met with 100’s of providers and compound makers so we can curate the most effective, transparent, and engaging programs as possible. We’re transparent about our relationship with providers and medicine makers, because we list therapy programs that we believe in. And then we curate them for you to streamline healing.

cybil is on the mission to become the leader in psychedelic therapy. We are setting out to democratize access and education for these powerful compounds.

Our intention is to disrupt big pharma and talk-therapy as we believe they are not adequately solving the core problem, but rather providing temporary relief. This is the anti-war on drugs, come with us! Start exploring psychedelic therapy by finding your match here.

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